Purple Dresses

You'll find a cute purple dress for any occasion at Lily Boutique! With shades of pale lavender, lilac, plum, orchid, and royal purple- we've got something to suit every woman. Purple can be soft, girly and sweet or it can be dark, bold and dramatic depending on the shade you choose. The color purple has been associated with royalty for centuries. In fact, commoners were once banned from wearing the color purple. Fortunately, you don't have to be a royal anymore to look and feel regal in one of these gorgeous dresses. Planning a wedding? Purple bridesmaid dresses have become a popular color choice, and they can be mixed and matched with a neutral such as grey to create a magical look! Soft shades of lavender and lilac are gorgeous in the Spring and Summer months, while dark plums look stunning for a Fall wedding. Purple is also a great option for any of the more casual Spring and Summer events on your calendar. We have a great selection of casual purple party dresses you can pair with flat sandals or wedges for a night out with friends. A purple A-line sundress with a fun print or pattern is a great option to pack on vacation somewhere warm. Shop these purple dresses and get FREE shipping over $75 within the USA.

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