Gold Dresses

Go for the gold in these glamorous gold dresses that are perfect for so many parties and events. Gold is a metallic hue that can be sparkly and festive or laid-back and neutral, all depending on the fabric and style of the dress. Don a gold sequin party dress to any semi-formal event. We have gold beaded and sequin dresses that would be perfect for a Roaring 20s or Great Gatsby theme party. Daisy Buchanan would definitely approve of these looks! When we think of metallic shades like gold, the holiday season always comes to mind. A gold cocktail dress is the perfect option for a holiday party or New Years Eve. But gold doesn't have to be all about partying the night away! It's shade that can be sweet and romantic as well. Adding a touch of gold to weddings has been a popular choice for brides in recent years. In fact, mixing and matching shades of blush and gold is one of the most common wedding color combinations. Considering adding a touch of sparkle to your wedding with one of these gold dresses! A gold bridesmaid dress is a sophisticated option that can be worn by itself or mixed with another color palette. We also have some lovely dresses with a touch of gold that would be perfect as a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower dress. Whether you're looking for a gold sequin dress or something more subtle with just a hint of gold, there is something for everyone. Try pairing a gold dress with beige strappy heels or pumps to complete the look--and don't forget the gold jewelry! You'll find the cutest gold dresses in different cuts and styles here. Shop these glam gold dresses and get FREE shipping over $75 within the USA.

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